We generate unique and profitable consumer trends and insights. Our original research, nVision, covers 28 global markets.

Independent, Global, Consumer Insight


nVision is our proprietary global consumer insight platform.

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What we do?

We transform strategy, marketing, research, service, innovation, customer analysis and training to strengthen businesses to not just understand the changing world around them but thrive in it.

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The Big Lie

The Big Lie is Marketing Book of the Year 2014! The Big Lie has been written to enable you and your business to make better decisions based on understanding what is really going on inside the head of today’s consumer.

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From price and payments to optimisation and data, get your brand on track.

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The Future of Marketing and Agencies

Access exclusive material from the debrief of our new study, ‘The Future of Marketing and Agencies’ in partnership with the IPA.

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nVision client conference Summer 2015

Market building among smart consumers in an age of embedded uncertainty. 3 June, central London.

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