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nVision is truly where science meets creativity.

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What we do?

We transform strategy, marketing, research, service, innovation, customer analysis and training to strengthen businesses to not just understand the changing world around them but thrive in it.

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The Big Lie

The Big Lie is Marketing Book of the Year 2014! The Big Lie has been written to enable you and your business to make better decisions based on understanding what is really going on inside the head of today’s consumer.

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Know your Nordics

In the final part of our Nordic series, we look at the Digital Revolution and the impact on the quality of life in Scandinavia.  

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Society of Sobriety: The American Trichotomy

Smoking has long been a prime target of what we call the Assault on Pleasure, but do the same social pressures apply where there is a less direct threat to others’ physical wellbeing – in relation to eating and drinking for instance?

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How can we help you?

In order to meet the range of unique client perspectives, challenges and demands, we’ve built a suite of tools and routes to insight. Our central proposition is nVision – a proprietary insight service – which can be used in isolation or combined with other services we offer.

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