Pierce through the things consumers say in surveys to activate the profit-bearing insights that lie beneath.

The Big Lie

WINNER – Marketing Book of the Year 2014 >

The Big Lie has been written to enable you and your business to make better decisions based on understanding what is really going on inside the head of today’s consumer. With practical knowledge and commercial examples, The Big Lie can be applied to your business wherever you are in the world.

“The Big Lie is a well-written must-read for all consumer insights managers, market researchers and marketers. It is a book that brought me new and relevant insights based on the solid combination of research and trendwatching.”
Joeri Van den Bergh, Co-founder, InSites Consulting

“The Big Lie is for anyone who has ever wanted to understand their consumers and explain the paradoxes and contradictions which populate many opinion research findings.”


“The international examples of companies benefiting from this thinking are written throughout The Big Lie. The book is more like a guide than a lecture and is for anyone who is frustrated by their current research.”


“The Big Lie helps businesses make or save money by getting serious about what consumers actually think and how this impacts their actual behaviour”

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